The KSG Series - Servo Motors with Integrated Gearheads

Integrated Servo Geared  Motors KSG

The new KSG series of integrated servo gear motors offers you new ways to solve your application issues thanks to three of its amazing features:

    •   Optimal connection of motor and gearbox decreases the installation length up to 25%

    •   Shorter installation length decreases the weight up to 20%

    •   Lower weight reduces your cost up to 20%, which gives you a competitive advantage

In addition, two different gearbox versions increase your constructive flexibility. With both a right-angle and planetary gearbox to choose from, nothing stands in the way of your ideas.

    •   The KSG integrated servo gear motors are based on the well-known KSY-D and KSY-Q servo
         motors from Georgii Kobold.

    •   The right-angled gear motors are also available with double solid shafts or double hollow shafts
         with shrink disks upon request

    •   Compact design

    •   Various encoder systems are available as needed

    •   Can be fitted with fail-safe brakes

    •   Mainentance free


Servo Geared Motors KSG (ID: 221142 V31.05.10)