Since 1924, GEORGII KOBOLD has stood for electro-mechanical drive systems in machines and systems. GEORGII KOBOLD currently employs 65 well-trained and highly-motivated employees, and all of us are at your service.

At GEORGII KOBOLD, you will find magnetic gearboxes, torque motors, servo motors, geared servomotors and drive electronics. If you require stainless-steel motors, brake motors or three-phase induction motors; we manufacture these as well.

The mutual success of our customers has created many long-term partnerships. This is a guideline in everything we do at GEORGII KOBOLD, i.e. we work diligently to use our complete know-how to contribute to the success of our customers. We are building on more than 90 years of knowledge and experience in the field of motors and drives.

According to our customers, our main strength lies in our innovative product solutions, which are often designed for customer-specific applications. Our customer-oriented team focusses its energies on the wants and needs of our customers, so you end up with optimally-selected, well-designed and innovative products for advantageous drive solutions.

For an overview of GEORGII KOBOLD and our product focus, take a look in our company brochure: http://www.unserebroschuere.de/georgii-kobold/WebView/.