Asynchronous Torque Motors KOD-DM KSA-DM

GEORGII KOBOLD - asynchronous torque motors are special electrical and mechanical versions of three-phase asynchronous motors. They are designed to be short circuit-proof, i.e. they make it possible to leave stationary machinery switched on with the full mains voltage and maintain a torque, or provide torques for control purposes at certain speeds.

  • Torque control capability 
  • rapid response times 
  • unlimited switching frequency 
  • hum-free operation 
  • torque independent on twisting angle 
  • position-independent 
  • low energy consumption 
  • based on KOD or KSA series 
  • optonal with brake and fan

Customer's specific solutions are available on request: special flanges, special shafts etc.

Asynchronous Torque Motors KOD-DM KSA-DM (ID: 221136 V09.03.16)
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