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Application Area

Product Range

GEORGII KOBOLD develops and produces tailor-made drives for machines and systems. Our main application areas are:

  1. Food/Pharma-Industry
  2. Medical Technology
  3. Automation

Especially for theses areas of application GEORGII KOBOLD can provide best suited solutions. On the motor side we have access to a broad knowledge base in the area of asynchronous and synchronous technique. On the gearbox-side we have deep understanding in the area of planetary and bevel gearboxes. All this is supplemented with our magnetic gearbox technology.

All fields of application

Motors and gearboxes by GEORGII KOBOLD

At GEORGII KOBOLD, you will find magnetic gearboxes, torque motors, servo motors, geared servomotors and drive electronics. If you require stainless-steel motors, brake motors or three-phase induction motors; we manufacture these as well.

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