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With our drives in hygienic design, we always find the right solution for your requirements. In our catalogue "Motors and Gearboxes for Food, Pharmaceutical and Process Engineering" you will find an overview of our technological know-how.


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Motors and Gearboxes for Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industries (ID: 221173en V4/2022)

High demands have always been placed on the production of foodstuffs and pharmaceutical products in order to guarantee reliable consumer protection. These requirements must also be met by all production components used.

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KOBOLD-HYD Magnetically-geared Motors (ID: 221171 V11/2017)

Magnetic geared motors offer a number of advantages over conventional gear motors due to their contactless power transmission. For applications in food production, the absence of lubricants is of particular importance, as this eliminates the risk of contamination of the food by leaks in components.

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