Our Products

A summary of our product focal points can also be found in our company brochure:


Product program

This site is the starting point to get to know the products of GEORGII KOBOLD. On the connected product sites we give you decider facts, which motors and gearboxes are appropriate for which applications. In addition you can download detailed catalogue material for the prodcuts you are interested in. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us anytime - we are pleased to assist you!


Engines and Gearboxes

Get an overview of our range of motors. We will be happy to advise you personally on any questions you may have about our motors.

Torque Motors KTY
Geared Motors in Stainless Steel
Synchronous Servo Motors KSY
Integrated Servo Geared Motors KSG
KOBOLD Magnetically-geared Motors
Distributed Servo Drives KSD
Digital AC Servo Drive Systems KTx/KMx
Asynchronous Servo Motors KSA
AC Brake Motors KOD-MB
Three-Phase Asynchronous Motors KOD
Asynchronous Torque Motors KOD-DM KSA-DM

Motors and gearboxes by GEORGII KOBOLD

At GEORGII KOBOLD, you will find magnetic gearboxes, torque motors, servo motors, geared servomotors and drive electronics. If you require stainless-steel motors, brake motors or three-phase induction motors; we manufacture these as well.

Our philosophy

We are interested in the needs and wishes of our customers and focus on them. A customer-oriented team with creative ideas creates advantageous drive solutions with optimally selected and designed products. Our customers see one of our strengths in innovative products, which can be designed for specific applications if required.

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