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KOBOLD Magnetically-geared Motors

With magnetic gearboxes, GEORGII KOBOLD reveals an entirely new transmission technology:

Do you need high speed in your application, but don't want to do without a high power density? Do you have the highest requirement for cleanliness and/or for a drive solution with a low noise level? Thanks to their non-contact power transmission, magnetic gearboxes offer a truly innovative solution.

  • Non-contact power transmission
  • High speeds while maintaining a competitive power density
  • No wear
  • No gear lubrication
  • No backlash
  • Low noise
  • Inherent overload protection
  • Input and output are mechanically separated
  • High level of integration
  • High single-stage reductions

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Overview of the Motors

Design of magnetic gearboxes: Magnetic gearboxes consist of three components - each arranged coaxially in relation to each other: the outer magnet wheel, the modulator, and the inner magnet wheel.


Magnetically-Geared Motors

With the magnetically-geared motors in our KOMPASS-series, magnetica has set course for the future! By integrating a synchronous servo motor with our coaxial magnetic gearbox, you get an active power transmission that is completely non-contact. This opens up a vast new set of application solutions. The KOMPASS-series magnetically-geared motors come standard with IP54 protection and are currently vailable in three sizes, each with three available ratios.

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Hygienic Design Magnetically-geared Motors

Because of their non-contact power transmission, magnetically-geared motors offer a number of advantages over conventional geared motors. Especially in areas of food production, operation without the use of lubricants has a high priority, since this eliminates the risk of the food being contaminated by leaking oil. Magnetic gearboxes offer a hygienic alternative to conventionally-lubricated transmissions and advance the possibility of creating ??a hygienically-designed drive train.

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PDF-file: Motors and Gearboxes for Food, Pharmaceutical and Process Engineering


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