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The KTY Series of Torque Motors

Our new KTY series of housed synchronous torque motors not only sets a new benchmark with regard to maximum drive system torque and stiffness, but they are also extremely compact. The KTY series is a useful alternative to geared motors in any application. The torques are sensibly graduated from 6.5 to 270 Nm, which means that Direct-Drive Technology is finally available in this entire torque class!

More Details:

  • High overloading capacity and extremely dynamic
  • High positioning accuracy because of the use of high-resolution encoder systems and the elimination of components that are susceptible to play and friction
  • Available with full shaft with/without keyway or with a hollow shaft on either the A and/or B side. Blind hole shafts, shafts with shrink disks or loose flanges are also possible.
  • Oscillation strength R is standard, but Class S (per DIN VDE 0530-14) is also possible
  • Flange dimensions are standardized to DIN 42 677, but special flanges are also available.
  • Flange accuracy in accordance with DIN 42 955
  • If desired, we can also increase the permissible radial and axial shaft loads
  • Fail-Safe brakes are also an option

KTY-Q Series of Torque Motors

The KTY-Q torque-motor series comes with three different flange sizes, and each flange size is available with 3-4 stack lengths. This broad range of motors neatly and efficiently covers your need for direct-drive torques from 14 to 270 Nm. The square design without a housing provides you with a very cost-effective direct-drive solution where IP54 is sufficient protection.

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KTY-R Series of Torque Motors

For applications that demand IP65 protection, the KTY-R torque-motor series is the right choice. This series of direct-drive torque motors perfectly complements the KTY-Q series, because the KTY-R series is protected by a high-quality aluminum housing, which increases the protection class to IP65. This is the series to use to solve your applications which require a precise, direct-drive motor in difficult environmental conditions. Like the KTY-Q series, the KTY-R series motors are available in three diameters – each with 3-4 stack lengths to give meaningful coverage for torques ranging from 12 to 240 Nm.

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KTY-F Series of Torque Motors

KTY-F Torque motors are intended for applications that require a direct-drive solution in the smallest of spaces. With a extremely flat design, the KTY-F torque motors are especially suitable for space-saving solutions. The KTY-F series is likewise available in 3 different sizes - each with 3 stack lengths. The series effectively covers the torque range from 6.5 to 50 Nm.

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