Stainless steel servomotors and geared motors in EHEDG hygienic design KSY-HD/KSA-HD

To guarantee reliable consumer protection the requirements on the design of food and pharmaceutical machines have been always very high. These requirements must also be met by all components in the machines.

Since 2008, GEORGII KOBOLD has continuously developed its stainless-steel servomotors, gear motors and torque motors in hygienic design. The comprehensive product range can be used with aggressive and effective cleaning agents and disinfectants as well as with high-pressure cleaners to allow cleaning in place (CIP). 

EHEDG Hygienic Design

In order to meet the continuously increasing requirements of the food industries in the future, the servomotors and planetary gears in hygienic design (HD) were developed in accordance with the EHEDG guidelines.

Stainless Steel Servo Motors in 5 Sizes

  • Stainless Steel Servomotors with standstill torque of 0.45 to 20Nm, peak torque 64Nm
  • Stainless Steel Servo Gearmotors with planetary gears or bevel gears
  • Housing in stainless-steel V2A 1.4301 (AISI 304) or V4A 1.4404 (AISI 316L) or anodized aluminum housing
  • Face and flange mounting (IMB5, IMB14)
  • Protection degree up to IP66K / IP69K for washdown conditions
  • Large speed control range
  • UL/CSA certification
  • EHEDG certification pending (exp. in 2022)
  • Feedback with resolver or Hiperface, Endat oder DriveCliq encoder
  • One cable technology (OCT)
  • Brake options
  • AC-Servomotors, DC- Servomotors and AC asynchronous motors
  • Decentralized Servomotor with integrated servo controller
  • Delivery with servo controller or frequency converter
  • Custom designs


Motors and Gearboxes for Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industries

Technical catalogue

Bevel gear drive motor in Hygienic Design

Stainless steel servo motor with integrated angle gear

+ EHEDG Design
+ compact design
+ available with solid or hollow shaft

Hygienic Design Gear Motors with Cycloidal Gear

Stainless Steel Servo Motor with integrated Cycloidal Gear

+ EHEDG Design
+ compact design
+ gear backlash <1 arcmin
+ low wear


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